Contact Form Builder

If you are looking for a contact page to add to your website that has a lot of awesome features and room for customization, there are WordPress plugins you can install. However, with this theme’s default contact form, you can be up and running in no time. Quickly setup and tweak your contact form and start receiving emails.

The contact page template included with the Complexity theme is souped up with a bit of jQuery and ajax. If you forget to fill in any of the fields you’ll see a simple error message telling you what you did wrong. Once all fields are filled in correctly, the form is submitted without the browser needing to refresh. A simple little PHP script that needs no configuration will shoot the message to you in an email.

Additionally, there is a hidden “honeypot” captcha to prevent spam from bots sending spam through your contact form. If a bot automatically fills out the hidden the honeypot captcha field, the email will be discretely rejected on your server. After all, this contact form is meant for humans only, right?

Contact Page Settings