13 Widgets

Complexity comes with 13 widgets that you can use to easily enhance your website while still keeping it fully dynamic. You can easily distinguish the widgets that come with this theme because they will all have “Jaybich” in front of their titles.


1. Jaybich News Scroller
This widget shows the most recent blog posts from a category that you specify in a fancy jQuery news scroller.

2. Jaybich Twitter Feed
This widget show the latest tweets from your Twitter account. Sometimes the feed from twitter is not always quick to load depending on Twitter’s servers. So this widget will load all the content of your website and then slide down the Twitter feed once it has received your tweets. This allows for your website to never delay in loading because Twitter’s servers are running slow.

3. Jaybich Search
This widget allows you to add a search box. This search box has been coded and styled to fit well with the theme and that’s why it would be preferable over WordPress’s default search widget. In your Theme Options page, you can hide the search box from the main menu of your website, and this would then allow you to basically move the search box from your main menu to your sidebar.

4. Jaybich Simple Contact
This widget will give you an easy way to show all of your contact information. It is styled to fit either in your Footer Widget Area or your Sidebar Widget Areas.

5. Jaybich Simple Submenu
This widget will look at what page you’re on and determine if it’s a top level page or child page. If it’s a top level page it will list out all of the child pages for that page. If it’s a child page, it will list out all pages of the closest parent page. So, once again, this can be good if you have a lot of content and you do not want to individually setup submenus with the menu builder.

6. Jaybich Submenu
This widget is a submenu that shows all of the top level pages that you choose to include in the main menu along with the subpages for the current page that you’re on. This can be good if you have a lot of content and you do not want to individually setup submenus with the menu builder.

7. Jaybich Recent Posts
This widget will show a list of recent posts from a blog category that you specify. The thing that’s different about this widget from WordPress’s default Recent Posts widget is that you can choose to have the published date show underneath each post title.

8. Jaybich Text
This widget will display any block of text or HTML. The reason this widget is included is because it includes the Full Width option, which allows it to span the full width of an entire Horizontal widget area that is intended to hold multiple widgets. For example, if instead of having four widgets stretch across your Footer Widget Area, you may want to simply want to use the Jaybich Text widget to display your Google Adsense code and set it to span full width of the widget area.

9-13. Jaybich Ads
There are actually several Jaybich Ad widgets that allow you to show advertisements in different sizes. Most are configured in the same manner. You can input multiple ads and then one will be selected at random to show. There is a widget included for ads in the following sizes: Full Banner, Leaderboard, Skyscraper, Square Buttons, and Wide Skyscraper.